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Sindayigaya Godefroid

One of the Founders of Forum Pour La Memoire Vigilante (FVM), he is the director of Education,

Leadership and Peace Studies in the Forum. Having experienced how leaders with no vision led

to chaos in his region, he also founded Sensitive Servant Leadership Ministry (SSLM), a

platform coach leaders to serve not to be served, to listen to people and attend their needs sacrificially.

He organizes many seminars with the objective of making and raising leaders of integrity. With a Master

degree in Transformational leadership and a Master degree in Journalism, he wrote two books: Military

Coup and Political Intransigence as Sources of disenchantment in Post-colonial Africa (2005)


and La Presse Publique Pendant la Periode Electorale (2013) and many articles on leadership

and good governance. He is a teacher of strategic management and a consultant in

Transformational Leadership.

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