Alumni Movement

When disciples on campus graduate and go into professional life, their environments for ministry change. In this way, the ministry has worked with them to find different ways to help keep the fire of the gospel burning in their hearts dispite the transition and changes in their lives. 

Great Commision Movement of Rwanda leadership works with them to identify challenges and opportunities to grow and be fruitful. Most of their challenges include; Life transitions, dating and mariage, financial management and entrepreneurship , and many more. They have also identified different opportunies for ministry: They have influence, finances, skills and networks. 

Their involvement in ministry include: Coaching nearby campuses and schools, serve in their local churches effectively, and supporting financially the field ministry. in 2016, God led them to start a financial institution in a form of a SACCO (Saving and Credit Cooperative)where members save the money, borrow to fund their projects, etc. 

The ministry is working with them to see how all who go through our dscipleship ministries at campus can be sent to the world for the harvest. This is called 100% sent. 

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