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Why the Resurrection Matters to You

Explaining evidence and meaning of the resurrection

Bill Bright

Have you ever been captivated by the life of another person?

You watch them, listen to them, read about them. Maybe the person inspires and challenges you. Maybe they stir up anger and suspicion, and you question whether what they say is really true.

The life of Jesus Christ dramatically shaped the course of history. People grappled with His teachings and talked about the miracles He was credited with performing.

His few years on earth dramatically shaped the past two millennia and still generate intense interest and emotion today.

Many skeptics say that to believe Jesus rose from the dead is nothing more than a blind leap of faith with no basis in fact.

But the facts force us to consider the Resurrection a historical event.

Four Proofs for the Resurrection

  1. Jesus made numerous appearances after His death. He comforted the mourners outside His tomb, and Scripture records that Jesus was seen by more than 500 people at one time. Some may argue that a few people could have agreed to a deception, but the consistent and prolonged collaboration of 500 people seems unlikely.

  2. The growth of the Christian church confirms the Resurrection. Peter, one of Jesus’ followers, spoke with a crowd after Jesus’ death, and many believed. Acts 2:41 says, "There were added that day about three thousand souls" (English Standard Version). That group of believers multiplied into the hundreds of millions of believers worldwide today.

  3. The Resurrection sets Christianity apart from any other religion. No other religious leader has conquered the power of death. Jesus did this to demonstrate His victory over the power of sin in the lives of people and give them the promise of eternal life.

  4. Transformed lives throughout the centuries have testified to the Resurrection. The most conclusive proof for the Resurrection is that Jesus lives within believers today, empowering them to change their lives.

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