Our Global Leadership

Seung-Rock Yoon

Area Team Leader, East Asia Orient

Seung-Rock Yoon became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ in Korea during his third year at the Gongju National Teacher's university. Following his own decision to receive Christ, Rock began to tell his classmates about Jesus. Of the 26 students in his class, 13 indicated decisions to follow Christ.

After graduating from the university in 1977, Rock taught at a high school. A year later, a Campus Crusade staff member challenged Rock to consider serving in ministry fulltime. He became a staff member in 1978, beginning with the campus ministry in Ulsan, South Korea.

Rock studied at the International School of Theology, graduating in 1990. He has served as a Regional Director for the GyongKi Province and the Missions Director of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC), overseeing the needs of the 280 international representatives and their families serving in 28 countries.

In May of 2008, Rock was appointed the Director of Affairs for East Asia Orient.

Rock's vision and desire is to strengthen the ministries in the East Asia Orient by increasing the capacity of the campus ministry, helping staff members to develop a healthy support base and assisting and resourcing national directors. Ultimately, he hopes to see the East Asia Orient become a major missionary-sending base.

Rock and his wife Joy were married in January of 1982. They have a daughter and a son.

One of Joy's heart desires is to help others by giving them a listening ear and encouraging them. Her training in psychology compliments this desire, and she has made many trips to encourage KCCC missionaries in several countries. She hopes to have more opportunities to help other staff women in the East Asia Orient.


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